The Delivery Manager from Harkey’s Hauling, LLC contacts customers in order to schedule delivery. Having your site ready can help ensure a fast and effective delivery. 

Please make sure all stumps, limbs, and any other obstacles are removed from the area where your shed will be installed. 

 Keep in mind that low wires, branches and septic tanks are hazards when delivering your shed. Talk with your salesperson for additional information. 

Fences should have a gate large enough that we can get the building through. In some, cases you may need to remove a post or section of fence to allow us access for delivery. Our drivers are not permitted to remove any items. This is a customer responsibility.

Delivery drivers have the right to refuse any installation they determine has limited access or is unsafe.

If we are to cross a neighbor's property to make your delivery happen then it is the responsibility of the customer to make sure that you have permission for us to cross. The customer is responsible for any damage to the neighbor's property, fencing, etc... 

The best case scenario is to have a prepared level area for delivery. See our GRAVEL PAD page for more information. However, concrete block will be used if a prepared site is not available.

If access to your site is not readily available and causes a delay exceeding one hour then extra fees at the rate of $100 per hour will be charged and due on delivery. If you request additional block and it requires more than an hour then extra fees will be incurred at the rate of $100 per hour plus the cost of block. If for some reason the driver is unable to complete the delivery and must return at a later time then a fee of $200 will be assessed.

Is Your Site Level?

Is Your Site Unlevel?

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